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Faculty and Staff Directory

Sister Alma Mary Anderson (SAMy)

 Professor, Graphic Design



Charles Armstrong

 Assistant Professor, Graphic Design



Lloyd Benjamin III

 Professor, Art History 



Chester Burton

 Senior Instructor, Sculpture, Printmaking 



Alden Cavanaugh

 Chairperson, Associate Professor, Art History 



Joy Cook

 Administrative Assistant, Department Office 



Kira Enriquez

 Assistant Professor, Ceramics 



William Ganis

 Professor, Art History



Colleen Haas

 Full-Time Instructor, Art History,
African and African-American Studies



Fran Lattanzio

 Professor, Photography 



Meredith Lynn

 Gallery Director



Jodi Lynn McCoy

 Gallery Communications Manager



Nancy Nichols-Pethick

 Associate Professor, Painting 



Bradford B. Venable

 Associate Professor, Art Education 



Wanda Wilkey

 Financial Services Assistant 
 Adjunct Professor, Art History 



Sala Wong

 Associate Professor, Digital Art