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Digital Art - Undergraduate


Digital Art encompasses and expands a vast range of cultural and artistic forms.  As tools of expression, new and advancing technologies can reflect contemporary life in immediate and direct ways. Networked mobile technologies and community-based art installations have the power to reach audiences beyond the gallery, in contexts that both challenge and enrich our everyday experiences. The Digital Art area emphasizes experimentation with animation, video, interactivity, projection, site specificity, installation, performance and participatory practices. Through special screening and exhibition events, students are frequently given opportunities to work outside of the classroom and in collaboration with each other and the community.

The Digital Art area is housed in the Fine Arts Building. Students have access to a state-of-the-art Mac Lab with the latest editions of video, animation and audio editing software.  In addition to thirty workstations, this smart classroom features scanners, projectors, printers and audio equipment. Students also have access to a second Mac Lab on the first floor of the building. Equipment such as digital camcorders, high definition video cameras, digital audio recorders, drawing tablets, lighting kit, chromakey kit and stop-motion animation stand are all available for student projects.


Sala Wong


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - Fine Arts Major: Intermedia Concentration (81 credits)
Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Art Major: Intermedia Concentration (61 credits)