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Criminology & Criminal Justice Major

The curriculum in Criminology & Criminal Justice is designed for those students interested in the fields of corrections, law enforcement, juvenile justice, and private security.  This curriculum also provides a suitable undergraduate major and minor for students who plan to go on to law school or who wish to work toward an advanced degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice or a related discipline.  Career opportunities for students of Criminology & Criminal Justice typically include positions in the following areas: adult and juvenile probation and parole agencies, adult and juvenile correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, delinquency control and youth services programs, criminal justice planning and research agencies, and private security agencies.


Undergraduate Assessment Plan

Undergraduate Request for Graduate Course

A senior student at Indiana State University with an overall grade point average of 3.0 or above may be granted permission to enroll in a limited amount of 500-level graduate courses with approval of the student's advisor, graduate program representative, and the Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. Once approved, the registration form must be taken to the Office of Registration and Records for processing.


42 credits

Effective Fall 2017 for New Students

Required Core Courses (36 credits):

CRIM 200 Criminology 3 credits

CRIM 210 Introduction to Corrections 3 credits

CRIM 220 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3 credits

CRIM 230 Introduction to the Court Systems 3 credits

CRIM 316 Report Writing in the Criminal Justice System

CRIM 375 Victimology

CRIM 396 Introduction into Research Methods in Criminal Justice 3 credits

CRIM 420 Criminal Law and Procedure I 3 credits

CRIM 423 Juvenile Delinquency

CRIM 427 Dynamics of Criminal and Delinquent Behavior 3 credits

CRIM 440 Ethics in Criminal Justice 3 credits

CRIM 498 Internship in Criminology 3 credits

 Directed Electives (6 credits):

 As approved by a faculty advisor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice


Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice