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Departmental Review Guidelines

Department Promotion & Tenure Guidelines Senior Instructor Guidelines Biennial Review Guidelines
College Guidelines CAS P&T 9.9.2016 CAS Senior
Instructor criteria
CAS College
Level Biennial Review Approved 9.11.13
ART ART P&T and Biennial Confirmed 9.29.17 ART Senior Instructor text 9.13.16 See Art P&T Guidelines
BIOLOGY BIOL P&T 4.9. 2010 Biology Instr Evaluation and Sr Instr Promotions - Approved Sept 8 2016 Biology Biennial Evaluation Criteria 8.24.15
CHEMISTRY & PHYSICS Chem and Physics Bylaws for all level of review 9.28.17 Use the appropriate section in the Bylaws for all level of review. Use the appropriate section in the Bylaws for all level of review.
COMMUNICATION See CAS Guidelines See CAS Guidelines COMM Biennial Review Guidelines adopted 9.14.16
CRIMINOLOGY & CRIMINAL JUSTICE CRIM P&T 9.6.2016 CCJ Instructor Eval from Pg 6 of PT Guidelines 9.28.17 CCJ Biennial Review Criteria Revised 9.6.16.
EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS EES P&T 5.10.10 Confirmed 9.22.17 See CAS Guidelines EES Biennial Review 13-15 Confirmed 9.22.17
ECONOMICS ECON Personnel Procedures 9.11.15 See CAS Guidelines ECON Biennial Review 13-15
ENGLISH ENGL P&T 08.11 ENGL- Senior Instructor ENG Biennial Review 13-15
HISTORY HIST P&T 4.21.10 Confirmed 9.21.17 See CAS Guidelines HIST Biennial 9.21.17
LANGUAGES, LITERATURE & LINGUISTICS LLL Promotion and Tenure Guidelines final 4-19-17 LLL Senior Instructor Review Updated 9.21.16.pdf LLL Biennial Review approved 4.15 Confirmed 9.29.17
MATHEMATICS & COMPUTER SCIENCE MCS P&T 4.26.2010 Confirmed 9.28.17 See CAS Guidelines MCS Biennial 13-15 Confirmed 9.28.17
MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDIES See CAS Guidelines See CAS Guidelines See CAS Guidelines
SCHOOL OF MUSIC MUSIC P&T 10.21.2010 Confirmed 9.28.17 SoM Instructor Evaluation Confirmed 9.28.17 MUSC Biennial 13-15 Confirmed 9.28.17
POLITICAL SCIENCE POLS P&T 7.17.2012 Confirmed 9.28.17 See CAS Guidelines POLS Biennial 13-15 confirmed 9.28.17
PSYCHOLOGY PSYC P&T Confirmed 9.28.17 See Section III of PSYC P&T Guidelines See Pgs. 15-16 of PSYC P&T Guidelines
THEATER THEA P&T 4.27.10 confirmed 10.10.17 See CAS Guidelines THEA Biennial 13-15 confiirmed 10.10.17