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Council of Chairpersons


Art and Design Dr. William Ganis
Biology Dr. Donna Selman, Interim
Chemistry and Physics Dr. Jennifer Inlow, Acting
(Spring 2018)
Communication Dr. Darlene Hantzis
Criminology and Criminal Justice Dr. DeVere Woods
Earth and Environmental Systems Dr. Stephen Aldrich, Interim
Economics Dr. John Conant
English Dr. Robert  Perrin
History/African and African American Studies Dr. Steven Stofferahn, Interim
Languages, Literature, and Linguistics Dr. Keri Yousif, Acting
(Spring 2018)
Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. Liz Brown
Multidisciplinary Studies Dr. Tina Kruger Newsham
School of Music Dr. Scott Buchanan, Interim Dir.
Political Science Dr. Stan Buchanan
Psychology Dr. Virgil Sheets
Science Education Center Dr. Eulsun Seung, Coordinator
Social Science Education Center Dr. Dan Clark, Coordinator
Student Media Dr. Philip Glende, Director
Theater Dr. Christopher Berchild


Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
September 12 CC Agenda 9.12.17 CC Minutes 9.12.17
September 26 CC Agenda 9.26.17 CC Minutes 9.26.17
October 17 CC Agenda 10.17.17 CC Minutes 10.17.17
October 31 CC Agenda 10.31.17 CC Minutes 10.31.17
November 14 CC Agenda 11.14.17 CC Minutes 11.14.17
December 12 CC Agenda 12.13.17  
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January 30    
February 13    
February 27    
March 20    
April 10    
April 24    
May 15    
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July 10    

Unless otherwise notified, all meetings are located in Stalker Hall, 211 from 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.