CDL Frequently Asked Questions



1.  How do I sign up for a study?

  • Here is the link with our current studies .  Please feel free to send us an e-mail at to setup an appointment or simply gain more information about our current studies.

2.  Once I get into Root Hall, where do I go?

  • The ISU Psychology Department is located on the Southeast corner of 7th Street.  There is a small parking lot (about 10 cars applicable).  Parking is available there.  Someone from the lab will meet you in the parking lot and walk you down to our lab in the Psychology Department.

3.  Are there papers I need to fill out before I attend a session with my infant?

  • No, you will fill out a couple of short forms once you are in the lab.

4.  Am I qualified to participate with my infant?

  • Generally, yes.  Our requirements are that infants have normal hearing and vision in order to participate in our studies.

5.  How long should I expect to be involved during a session?

  • Our sessions will last about 30 minutes.

6.  Is it safe to test the heart rate of infants?

  • Yes, researchers have tested thousands of babies' heart rate without any major complications.  The electrodes attach to the infants' belly (3 electrodes) like a little sticker.

7.  Can I bring other children to the lab?

  • Yes, we can provide sitters and fun toys for your other children while you are in the testing room with your infant.  The testing booth is in the same room, so you will be near your other children at all times.

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