CDL Parent Information




1.  What are the benefits to studying infants?

  • By studying infants, we can learn more about how babies learn and think about the world around them.  We can better understand what they are doing, how they grow, and when they learn new milestones.  We can potentially use this information to aid in the care, treatment, and education of infants and small children.

2.  What are some of the benefits to participating in our studies?

  • Participating in our infants studies not only helps us complete the research, but also helps us learn about babies!  We also get the chance to share some new information with you, as parents, about how infants development.

3.  What should I generally expect during a lab session?

  • Typically, you and your infant would come to the Cognitive Development Lab here on ISU's campus.  Most sessions last about 20-30 minutes, although testing only takes about 5 minutes.  You will be with your child at all times.  Your child will be seated in a car seat in a dark booth (you will be standing behind or at the side of your infant).  We will show your infant pictures or movies on a monitor and record how long they look at the pictures/movie as well as record their heart rate.  Again this testing period usually only takes about 5 minutes.

4.  Am I allow to be in the room during the study?

  • Yes, you will be with your infant for the entire time.

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