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Goal 1: Enhance success of all ISU students

Objective 1: Create innovative programs to meet student needs

    Action 1: Work with other colleges and the Provost’s office to create degree-completion opportunities
      Metric 1: Graduation rate of students
      Metric 2: Retention rate of students
      Metric 3: Enrollment in newly developed programs
    Action 2: Explore distance-only programs that explore the breadth of CAS
      Metric 1: Enrollment in newly developed programs
      Metric 2: Retention rate in newly developed programs
      Metric 3: Graduation rate in newly developed programs
      Metric 4: Placement rate in appropriate employment/graduate study

Objective 2: Excel in student advising

    Action 1: Conduct a review of advising practices in CAS
    Action 2: Review professional best practices for advising and advisees
    Action 3: Create an effective advising assessment system
      Metric 1: Percentage of CAS students completing advising assessment
      Metric 2: Percentage of CAS advisors assessed
    Action 4: Develop an advising plan in response to institutional needs and experience, best practices, and advising assessment
      Metric 1: Advising errors resulting in adverse impacts
      Metric 2: Retention rate to the university of pool-advised students
      Metric 3: Retention rate to the CAS of pool-advised students
      Metric 4: Retention rate to the department of poor-advised students
    Action 5: Create and distribute reports of advising practices, successes, and errors
    Action 6: Create a CAS Advising award

Objective 3: Excel in Foundational Studies curriculum and instruction

    Action 1: Create late-semester courses that would allow students to drop a course after mid- term grades are available while maintaining full-time status.
      Metric 1: Number of sections offered (that begin Nov 1) that meet summer standards for enrollment
      Metric 2: Success rate of students in these sections
      Metric 3: Comparative retention rate of similarly defined students before and after experiment
    Action 2: Ensure that every CAS FS course meets FS learning outcomes and goals
      Metric 1: FS assessment outcomes
      Metric 2: FS status continuation decisions
    Action 3: Ensure distance options are offered in every FS category in every term
      Metric 1: Percentage of categories covered in every term via a distance course
      Metric 2: GPA attainment differentials between campus and distance courses
      Metric 3: FS learning outcomes assessment of distance courses relative to on-campus courses

    Action 4: Identify poorly performing students using university resources (Blackboard, Map-Works, etc.)
      Metric 1: Percentage of CAS FS faculty using one or more early-warning tools
    Action 5: Provide students with timely information about their performance in classes
      Metric 1: Percentage of courses providing early performance feedback

Objective 4: Provide a top-tier liberal arts and sciences experience

    Action1: Increase funding available for CAS students to study abroad
      Metric 1: Percentage of CAS students experiencing study abroad
      Metric 2: Percentage of average study abroad expenses covered by scholarship
    Action 2: Increase internship and other career-building opportunities for CAS students
      Metric 1: Percentage of CAS students experiencing internships
      Metric 2: Percentage of CAS students visiting the career center prior to their senior year
      Metric 3: Percentage of CAS seniors with one or more significant non-classroom experience (internship, student leadership position, etc) on their resume
      Metric 4: Percentage of CAS students applying to graduate schools
      Metric 5: Percentage of CAS graduates in positions commensurate with a CAS degree after 6 months
    Action3: Enhance student-faculty collaboration, such as student-faculty research projects
      Metric 1: Student presentations at regional academic conferences
      Metric 2: Student participation in faculty research
    Action 4: Develop a culture that encourages and fosters minors across CAS
      Metric 1: Percentage of students completing a minor
    Action 5: Redefine, for CAS, the distinction between a B.S. and a B.A. degree

Objective 5: Create a college-wide diversity plan