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Goal 2

Goal 2: Enhance connections with the university and the community

Objective 1: Increase the visibility of CAS

    Action 1: Create new opportunities for faculty from all colleges to get involved with CAS activities
      Metric 1: Contact university ticket offices for statistics regarding student, faculty/staff, and community attendance
    Action 2: Celebrate accomplishments of CAS faculty on university-wide basis
      a. Establish a CAS “Get To Know Us” Day; an introduction to who we are and what we do
      b. Create a “Monthly Forum in CAS” (for the sharing of papers, research, state-of-the–art technology, field research and studies, poetry reading, mini theater and musical performances, etc.)
      c. Increase visibility of CAS through online, website notification of important CAS events and happenings (i.e. campus newsreel)
      d. Establish a “ CAS Person of the Month” (selection process to be determined)
      e. Develop a meaningful once-a-year collaborative project that gives exposure and credibility to our efforts
      Metric 1: Establish database of faculty accomplishments from Cornerstones
      Metric 2: Use new university online portfolio system to collect statistics regarding faculty accomplishments
    Action 3: Increase connections between CAS and the media
      a. Create a media resource guide
      b. Establish a media day for CAS
      c. Create internal clearing house for CAS experts

Objective 2: Increase collaboration with other colleges

      Metric 1: Number of collaborative efforts across colleges (+)
    Action 1: Survey faculty on possible collaborative opportunities between CAS and other colleges
    Action 2: Promote a faculty, inter-collegiate committee to serve as a conduit of information, needs, concerns, and opportunities between colleges

Objective 3: Increase student involvement in experiential learning outside the university

    Action 1: Establish clear definition of what experiential learning includes across CAS disciplines
    Action 2: Increase number of students participating in traditional forms of experiential learning (internship, research, etc.) in CAS
      Metric 1: Number of students participating in internships in CAS (+)
    Action 3: Investigate new ways for students to get involved with their field in addition to internships
      Metric 1: Grant statistics from Center for Community Engagement Curriculum and Research Support for Experiential Learning and Community Engagement (ELCE)
    Action 4: Increase experiential opportunities outside Indiana
      Metric 1: Number of students participating in experiential opportunity outside Indiana (+)
    Action 5: Create centralized mechanism for facilitating experiential learning in CAS

Objective 4: Increase CAS involvement in community engagement

    Action 1: Create partnerships with existing community groups and leaders
      Metric 1: Number of CAS-community partnerships (+)
    Action 2: Provide incentives to projects that have significant community engagement components
    Action 3: Create a scholarship award recognition for an outstanding arts and sciences high school graduate
      Metric 1: Obtain data on outstanding students through screening process, in conjunction with Vigo County
    Action 4: Host an annual event where CAS recognizes leading community arts and sciences organizations
      Metric 1: Statistics from Arts Illiana

Objective 5: Increase visibility of, and support for, activities that draw community participation

    Action 1: Assess needs of key CAS community activities in terms of outreach.
    Action 2: Assert presence of these activities on campus with specific designation.
    Action 3: Develop centralized promotional/marketing strategies to highlight these activities
      Metric 1: Attendance of key CAS community activities (+)
      Metric 1: Percentage of audience attributing attendance to marketing (+)

Objective 6: Increase the presence and activity of alumni in the life of CAS

    Action 1: Maintain a CAS alumni data base to include contact information and achievements
      Metric 1: Proportion of alumni in CAS Alumni database (+)
    Action 2: Create an alumni board for CAS
    Action 3: Develop an alumni CAS e-letter that includes regular fundraising calls
    Action 4: Action 4: Develop alumni contact with departments: collaboration with faculty and students, invitations to events and award ceremonies, newsletter, alumni link on departmental website
    Action 5: Create and maintain CAS and departmental social networking sites
      Metric 1: Facebook metrics are sent out on a monthly basis to administrators.
      Metric 2: Various server statistics are available to website administrators.
    Action 6: Increase CAS presence during Homecoming
      Metric 1: Number of CAS activities during Homecoming (+)
      Metric 2: Number of departments and faculty participating at Homecoming (+)
      Metric 3: Number of students participating in CAS Homecoming events (+)
      Metric 4: Number of alumni participating in CAS Homecoming events (+)
    Action 7: Identify and reward on an annual basis successful graduates from CAS
      Metric 1: Alumni statistics from ISU Foundation