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Goal 4

Goal 4: Increase and diversify revenue

Objective 1: Increase the number of external grant and contract applications submitted 

    Action 1: Design and administer survey to faculty on ways to increase grant writing and submission
    Action 2: Use survey results to create an incentive program for grant submission for all areas of CAS
      Metric 1: Create metrics based on results of faculty survey
      Metric 2: Number of grants or contracts submitted, obtained (both with and without indirect costs) (+)

Objective 2: Increase privately raised funds for CAS

Benchmark: *Increase annual giving by X percent; increase the number of endowed gifts by X percent.
      Metric 1: Standard metrics associated with ISU Foundation Reports to be applied to CAS fundraising.(e.g., number of new donors; repeat donors; amount given to annual fund; amount given to scholarships and other endowments)
      Metric 2: Standard Foundation report metrics to be applied at the departmental level
      Metric 3: Amount donated by faculty members (+)
    Action 1: Develop a fundraising strategic plan, in conjunction with the ISU foundation, for the CAS
    Action 2: Create an external CAS dean’s board that has a fundraising mandate
    Action 3: Create case statements for departments and programs so that specific fundraising needs are known
    Action 4: Encourage CAS faculty to target their giving to CAS students and priorities

Objective 3: Better advocate for CAS mission in the allocation of university resources

    Action 1: Explore effective strategies for collective advocacy for CAS
    Action 2: Maintain flow of information from chairs to dean in terms of departmental, program, and faculty needs, successes, and issues