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Goal 5

Goal 5: Improve professional satisfaction

Objective 1: Increase professional satisfaction for CAS tenure-track faculty

Professional Development:
    Action 1: Provide opportunities to enhance instructional abilities (workshops, revise instructional assessment)
      Metric 1: Participation by pre-tenure, mid- and late-career faculty in professional development opportunities aimed at improving instructional abilities (+)
      Metric 2: Develop coherent, multi-faceted, teaching assessment strategies
      Metric 3: Use of these assessment strategies over time (+)
    Action 2: Provide opportunities to enhance scholarship
      Metric 1: Report circulated to faculty on current support structures.
      Metric 2: Number of faculty submitting grants and contracts to external funding sources (+)
      Metric 3: Number of faculty scholarly activities (i.e. publications, creative works) (+)
    Action 3: Provide training opportunities to enhance leadership skills (workshops, training)
      Metric 1: A list of recommended opportunities is distributed to faculty.
      Metric 2: Number of faculty participating in leadership training (+)
Retention and promotion:
    Action 4: Develop a mentoring program for faculty in all stages of their career
      Metric 1: Number of faculty at all stages who have mentors (+)
    Action 5: Review CAS P&T document
      Metric 1: CAS P&T document is either revised or affirmed.
    Action 6: Create processes that allow P&T evaluations to provide timely, transparent, and actionable feedback
      Metric 1: Time between submission of dossiers and receipt of feedback by faculty member (-)
      Metric 2: Availability of guidelines for P&T evaluation to faculty
      Metric 3: Faculty satisfaction with P & T evaluation process as expressed in surveys (+)
    Action 7: Create mechanisms to identify and encourage candidates qualified for promotion to full professor
      Metric 1: Number of years that faculty spend on average as associate professors (-)
    Action 8: Increase communication between Dean and the departments for the purpose of better advocacy of the CAS mission

Objective 2: Increase professional satisfaction for CAS non-tenure-track faculty

Professional development:
    Action 1: Encourage non-tenure-track faculty to participate in professional development training
      Metric 1: Number of non-tenure-track faculty attending professional development training (+)
    Action 2: Encourage non-tenure-track faculty to participate in instructional development
      Metric 1: Non-tenure-track faculty attending instructional development programs or applications for grants (+)
    Action 3: Evaluate longevity of non-tenure-track faculty with an eye to increase the number of long-term contracts
      Metric 1: Number of non-tenure-track faculty who receive long-term contracts (+)
    Action 4: Establish non-tenure-track faculty recognition awards, events
    Action 5: Hold regular forums with Dean and non-tenure-track faculty and departments and non-tenure-track faculty to assess non-tenure-track faculty needs

Objective 3: Increase professional satisfaction for CAS staff

Professional Development:
    Action 1: Encourage staff to participate in professional development training through human resources
      Metric 1: Number of staff attending HR workshops (+)
    Action 2: Establish staff-recognition awards, event
    Action 3: Hold regular forums with Dean and staff and departments and staff to assess staff needs